iCodeBlog Launched

July 22nd, 2008 Posted by: - posted under:Articles
iphone 3g

iphone 3g

Welcome to iCodeBlog! This blog will mainly focus on iphone programming using the XCode environment. I will be updating weekly with iphone programming tutorials, news, updates and related nerdy stuff.

A little bit about me…

I am a Computer Science student at the University of New Mexico and will be starting my senior year this fall. I became interested in iPhone development with the launch of the web applications and had Apple accept 3 of my web applications. The Cost Per Square Foot Calculator, the Daily Calorie Calculator , and a Weight Watchers app that they later pulled due to copyright.

Since the launch of the app store, I have been spending countless hours learning and researching iPhone programming using XCode. One huge issue I noticed is the extreme lack of iPhone Programming tutorials on the web. The best I could find was some outdated Hello World tutorial on YouTube. So, I have decided to create iCodeBlog to share the things that I learn along the way. So be sure to check back often!