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Debugging a memory increase, using Generational Analysis

November 19th, 2013 Posted by: - posted under:Articles » Tutorials - 5 Comments

I was recently working on an internal project for Burnside Digital, and decided it was time to do some memory profiling to make sure that I didn’t have any leaks. I ran the program with the ‘Leaks’ tool of instruments, and as I was watching the Live Bytes column, I saw the number of Bytes being used, slowly but surely increasing as time went on. Instruments wasn’t detecting any leaks, so I knew this wasn’t going to be a straightforward leak …


Tutorial: Asynchronous HTTP Client Using NSOperationQueue

October 19th, 2012 Posted by: - posted under:Articles » Tutorials - 11 Comments

Recently here at ELC, we’ve been working on an app that requires a lot of server interaction, which has been a learning experience for managing threading, server load and connectivity. In order to keep the app performant and responsive while sending a large number of requests and aggregating a large set of data, our team had to intelligently manage and prioritize network interactions.
This is where NSOperationQueue helps out. This class relies heavily on Grand Central Dispatch …


5 Third Party iOS Libraries I Have Found Useful Lately

August 24th, 2012 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - Comments Off

As I mature as a developer, I try to rely on other people’s code more an more. Why build something from scratch when a solution already exists that you can fit in your project. In Pocket MUD Pro, I used 13 3rd party libraries and am using quite a bit more in the project that I’m currently working on. I figured that I would share some of the libraries that I have been using so that it might save …


Using Method-Swizzling to help with Test Driven Development

August 8th, 2012 Posted by: - posted under:Articles » Tutorials - 1 Comment

In this blog post I will demonstrate how to mock HTTP requests using an Objective-C runtime dynamic method replacement technique known as method swizzling. I will show how this can be used in tandem with some unit test technologies to help with development of iOS web-service client side code.
In this example, the actual work of the HTTP request is embodied in my AsyncURLConnection class. It uses NSURLConnection to perform an NSURLRequest in an asynchronous manner, using completion handler blocks to return …


How To Become An Indie Game Developer

June 13th, 2012 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - Comments Off

What programmer doesn’t want to be an indie game developer? A great article with tons of tips to help you on your way.

[Article Link]


If There Was Ever A Time To Submit A Show HN Article, It’s Right Now

June 1st, 2012 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - Comments Off

Earlier today a post titled ”I Try to Up Vote Every ‘Show HN’ Post and You Should Too” made it to the top of HN.  It basically talked about people posting “Show HN” posts are putting themselves out there and the least we can do is give them an up vote.  Well, people are listening and as of this posting, there are currently 15 Show HN posts in the top 30.  That’s incredible.

So, if you have recently …


Lua Scripting The UI For Pocket MUD Pro

May 29th, 2012 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - Comments Off

I have just updated my MUD client [Pocket MUD Pro] to be a universal library. It was surprisingly easy to add the iPad support as most of the application was comprised of UITableViews.
The main “MUD” view was the most challenging part as it contains a couple UIWebViews, UIButons, and a UITextField. However, I chose to do something I feel is pretty cool.
Scripting The UI With Lua
If I haven’t said it enough, I love lua. Especially in the context of …


Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 With Absinthe 2.0 + More Watch Dev Coming

May 25th, 2012 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - Comments Off

The GreenPois0n team has just announced Absinthe 2.0 allowing users of all iDevices (except Apple TV 3) to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1. This is especially good news for me as I can now continue development on my jailbroken app for the inPulse watch, iOS notifier.

[Link URL]


Incredible List Of Popular Indie iOS/Android/Steam Titles On Sale

May 24th, 2012 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - Comments Off

We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like, without interference from the online stores that sell the games. Why? Because it allows us to promote our games more freely, as we are doing here! We rely on the ability to promote our games for our livelihood and control over pricing is an important tool for this purpose.
Because We May is doing something very incredible here. They are a website to help you promote …


Join Me At 360iDev 2012

May 24th, 2012 Posted by: - posted under:Articles - Comments Off

I mentioned this on Twitter last week, so I might as well post it here to make it more official. My talk Making Your Games More Dynamic With Lua Scripting was accepted for 360iDev 2012! This will be my first official speaking engagement and I could not be more excited/nervous.
The Talk
I have had a huge interest in lua for some time now, especially as it applies to scripting games. In my last project, Pocket MUD Pro, I even …