If There Was Ever A Time To Submit A Show HN Article, It’s Right Now

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Earlier today a post titled ”I Try to Up Vote Every ‘Show HN’ Post and You Should Too” made it to the top of HN.  It basically talked about people posting “Show HN” posts are putting themselves out there and the least we can do is give them an up vote.  Well, people are listening and as of this posting, there are currently 15 Show HN posts in the top 30.  That’s incredible.

So, if you have recently …


Lua Scripting The UI For Pocket MUD Pro

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I have just updated my MUD client [Pocket MUD Pro] to be a universal library. It was surprisingly easy to add the iPad support as most of the application was comprised of UITableViews.
The main “MUD” view was the most challenging part as it contains a couple UIWebViews, UIButons, and a UITextField. However, I chose to do something I feel is pretty cool.
Scripting The UI With Lua
If I haven’t said it enough, I love lua. Especially in the context of …


Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 With Absinthe 2.0 + More Watch Dev Coming

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The GreenPois0n team has just announced Absinthe 2.0 allowing users of all iDevices (except Apple TV 3) to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1. This is especially good news for me as I can now continue development on my jailbroken app for the inPulse watch, iOS notifier.

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Join Me At 360iDev 2012

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I mentioned this on Twitter last week, so I might as well post it here to make it more official. My talk Making Your Games More Dynamic With Lua Scripting was accepted for 360iDev 2012! This will be my first official speaking engagement and I could not be more excited/nervous.
The Talk
I have had a huge interest in lua for some time now, especially as it applies to scripting games. In my last project, Pocket MUD Pro, I even …


Incredible List Of Popular Indie iOS/Android/Steam Titles On Sale

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We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they like, without interference from the online stores that sell the games. Why? Because it allows us to promote our games more freely, as we are doing here! We rely on the ability to promote our games for our livelihood and control over pricing is an important tool for this purpose.
Because We May is doing something very incredible here. They are a website to help you promote …


Using XCode 4 Snippets

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Recently, I came across this post and fell in love with the idea of using XCode 4 snippets. Up until I read the post, I had heard they existed, but never really tried them. After reading the post, I began using his snippets as well as started creating my own. Now, I would say that my work-flow is faster than ever.
Here is a quick demonstration of the power of snippets


It generates:

#pragma mark – UITableView …



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As I was working on the ELCImagePickerController, bringing it up to speed for iOS 5, I needed to get some images inside my iOS simulator. I did some googling and came up with the handy method of dragging and dropping images onto the simulator and using Safari to save them to a photo album. This is all well and good for four or five photos, but it starts to really slow down after that. Also, if you ever run …


Making UITableViews look not so plain

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As most of you probably know, UITableView’s are incredibly useful and versatile views to be using in your applications.
If you have ever tried to customize a UITableView though, you know that as soon as you start adding lots of UIViews, UILabels, and UImageViews to a cells ContentView, that these tableviews start to scroll slower and slower, and become choppier and choppier.
What we are going to explore today is how to remedy that situation.
To download the entire XCode project, you can …


How to import contacts into the iPhone Simulator

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If you’re working with AddressBook.framework chances are you’ll want to import your own data to test against when you’re in the simulator. Without being able to sync with iTunes or iCloud you may think you’re stuck entering in addresses manually; not only is that a huge pain, but there are probably lots of edge cases already in your address book you wouldn’t necessarily think of.
Fortunately there’s another option, with a tool called iPhone Backup Extractor. Download it, run it …


Simple Sqlite Database Interaction Using FMDB

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In the age where Core Data is king, the database that started it all is often overlooked. I’m talking of course about sqlite. As you may or may not know, prior to core data, sqlite was the preferred method of storing relational data on iOS devices.
Although, most developers don’t interact with sqlite directly, they still use it under the hood as the primary data store for core data. This is great and all, but there are often times when raw …